Regulations on terms of payment for the educational services.


Article 66. Determine the cost for training and the conditions of payment:

  1. Tuition cost – payment, which is determined by the agreement on the provision of educational services between the Gymnasium (managing company) and the parents (guardians).
  2. The tuition payment basis is child’s membership in GG, after going through all the steps, specified in the agreement between the Gymnasium (managing company) and the parents (guardians).
  3. Tuition cost is determined and adjusted, depending on basic cost, market conditions and the following criterias:

-          rate of national currency

-          annual inflation rate

-          improving the conditions of teacher’s level

-          regular study of international experience and introduction of the best practices in our Gymnasium

-          tax liabilities

-          improvement of material and technical base

-          improving the quality of education

-          regular improvement of safety and health

-          improvement of the average salary in the region

-          etc.

  1. Basic annual tuition cost is:

-          I – VI grades – 5000 GEL

-          VII - IX grades – 6000 GEL

-          X – XII grades - 7200 GEL

  1. Studying period of school year:

-          I grade – 8 months

-          II-XII grades – 9 months

-          Each school year starts at 20th of September (GG’s birthday)

  1. Payment of tuition fees depends on the chosen method of payment, in respect of the base cost (X) and is the following:

-          one-time annual payment: X – 10%

-          payment for each semester: X

-          monthly payment: X + 10%


As well as parent (guardian) should pay the deposit – 1000 GEL


  1. Tuition should be carried out according to the following schedule:

-          one-time annual payment – until 25th of June of the current year

-          payment for each semester – 50% until 25th of June, remaining 50% - until 25th of November of current year

-          monthly payment – until 20th of the current month for the next month


Allowed of deferred payment – after additional agreement with Gymnasium’s administration*


21 February, 2014
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Dmitry Gurtskaya - founder / owner of the GG
Dear Guests, Thank you for the interest you showed in Gurtskaya Gymnasium (GG) and our web page.
We realize it, how difficult it is to make vital decisions concerning the education of children for the parents. The quality of basic education, and education in general, could influence on the future life of family and on the fate of the child.
We are ready to offer the jobs for the teachers, where they will be able to realize their creativity, potential, innovative ideas and talents.
We hope, that our web page will help you to make the first acquaintance with the possibilities of GG, and you will be able to make an appropriate decision concerning future education for your children.