BIOGRAPHY Gurtskaya (Senior)

Was born on 5 October, 1933 in Shamgona Village, Zugdidi District in farmers family Andro Gurtskaya. After studying in Shamgona’s School I finished Kakhati Secondary School. After graduating from the school I was enlisted in Army (1953-1955 years). After passing the exam I was rewarded with the “Order of Bagramian” and as a lieutenant in reserve was demobilized in November, 1955.
During 1956-1957 years, I worked at Shamgona School, Zugdidi District as military and PE teacher. Than, I enrolled in 1958 and graduated in 1964 from A.Tsulukidze State Pedagogical University (Faculty of Russian Language and Literature).

During 1965-1990 I worked in Shamgona School as a teacher of Russian language and literature. Since 1992 I have been living in the city of Rostov. The latest 5 years I am working in Don State Technical University as Museum worker and Rector Advisor.

I am a science teacher. (Teacher of 1st category)  
My dissertation topic – “The Role of Television in Children’s Development”.

I have written several books in Russian language. In the nearest future I am planning to publish all my works in Georgian language also.
I have a wife – Luisa Beraia. Our joint achievements are our 3 children – the elder daughter Madona, and 2 sons – Jimsher and Roin. Madona lives in Zugdidi and works in Zugdidi Public School #7. She has risen 2 children – Tamuna and Mate, and four grandsons (Dito, Dato, Kote and Miro) Jimsher lives in China. He is a candidate of economic science and psychology. He is married with Lena, who is bringing 3 children up – Levan, Eliso and Alexander.

Roin lives in Rostov-on-Don. He is famous Doctor in the South Region of Russia (Urologist in Russian Railway Clinical hospital). He is the Doctor of Medicine and Professor. He is married with Marina and has 2 wonderful daughters – Emily and Milana.

This year (2013) I am celebrating my 80-year Anniversary. Thanks to God for a such good health and happy future for my children and grandchildren, and for such a “monument” for me (GG).

Alexander Gurtskaya (Junior)

Born 5 June, 2007 in the city of Moscow. Since 2008 lives in Shanghai (China) and goes to Singaporean Pre-school ELFA.
This year (2013) in September he starts studying in Yew Chung International School Shanghai.

He fluently speaks Russian, Chinese and English languages. Also is attending Kung-Fu sport lessons, big tennis, swimming and rolling.
Likes to ride bicycle and play games at  IPad.

Alexander lives in Shanghai with his mother and elder brother – Levan (22-years old), when his father and sister - Eliso (20-years old) are visiting them every month.
Alexander has friends all over the world:
Moscow: David and Matew Beraia, Daniel Gushin, Anna, Grisha, Artem and Vania.
Rostov-on-Don: Emily, Milana, Denis, Egor
Tbilisi: Anna and Sandro Todua, Ludmila and Andrew Mashkulia, Luka and Sandro Rukhadze.

Zugdidi: Dito, Dato and Kotiko Ckhetia, Miriani Kikalishvili, Sabba, Monika, Tamta and Ilona Ablotia
Shanghai: Mimi, Min Fan, Liki Sun, Xiao, Shaxi, Michael Grank, Jeremi Klaus, Salma, Masha and Jessy.
Alexander loves “baodzi”(dumplings), rice, pelmeni and ice-cream.

12 April, 2013
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