Alexander Ghurtskaya Gymnasium of Natural Sciences
“Alexander Ghurtskaya Gymnasium of Natural Sciences –GG” was founded by the ltd "Resonance - Georgia" on September 20, 2011 on the base of a former public school #7 typical building.The agreement with the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development served as the basis for the whole process.

Gurtskaya Gymnasium GG is Mr. Jimsher Ghurtskaya’s investment project and a private property.

Gymnasium started functioning from the academic year 2013-2014 after fulfilling its obligations under the terms of the investment and having been authorised by the Ministry of Education.

GG will provide educational services to primary, basic and secondary level students. The gymnasium is also authorized to carry out pre-school, extra-curricular, professional and non-formal educational programs. GG also takes care of nutrition and any other activities related to teaching.

GG is an innovative educational environment where each individual has a wide selection, capability and motivation of intellectual, physical and spiritual development and wonderful opportunities for achieving success in the global competitive society.

Wide choice of programs and subjects, safe, healthy and friendly learning and recreational environment, motivated and competent staff, optimal class size, a variety of methods, participatory and parallel management systems – this is just a short list of the factors that make GG a leader in the field of school education.

In addition to the subjects listed in the National Curriculum Gymnasium focuses on an in depth teaching of English and Russian languages. Also drama, Georgian dance, chess, social and financial education classes are offered.

GG has unique laboratories for teaching and research which enables applying Jacob Gogebashvili’s didactic principle:" awaken a person’s compassion for nature, inspire him with the desire to investigate and research."

GG is also distinguished by a high level of parent involvement. Parents’ hall functioning at the gymnasium allowes parents not only to monitor educational process but also actively participate in planning and implementation of projects in coordination with the Deputy Director for the appropriate field.

GG students are happy to come to school. Learning process, the breaks and events are organized for the children to be more fun. They aquire not only knowledge of the world but GG also opens up a world of moral principles and best traditions of establishing healthy lifestyles. The school leads them towards civil awareness and helps its students to realise their own rights and obligations with dignity and understanding.

03 September, 2013
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Dmitry Gurtskaya - founder / owner of the GG
Dear Guests, Thank you for the interest you showed in Gurtskaya Gymnasium (GG) and our web page.
We realize it, how difficult it is to make vital decisions concerning the education of children for the parents. The quality of basic education, and education in general, could influence on the future life of family and on the fate of the child.
We are ready to offer the jobs for the teachers, where they will be able to realize their creativity, potential, innovative ideas and talents.
We hope, that our web page will help you to make the first acquaintance with the possibilities of GG, and you will be able to make an appropriate decision concerning future education for your children.