Skype-conference with Lithuanian ,,Kaunas Jonas and Petras Vileisiai Multifunctional School".
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17 February, 2017
Info for kind friends!
The second group of our new GG-kindergarten is finally formed. If you plan to enroll your "Happiness" to our kindergarten, ask you to go through registration process until 5 September (incl).
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31 August, 2016
Very soon, Georgian audience (not only;) will be able to see great show, prepared by the best talents of western Georgia! New ensemble "J I J I E L E B I" will offer folk concert on the highest level.
Very soon, these guys will be famous all over the world!
Applause - JIJIELEBI!
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20 August, 2016
Heading: - "Maecenas GG"
Michael Eremenko - foreign businessman and devoted admirer of GG, expressed his desire to found one more grant for financial support and development of our ensemble "Jijielebi". Mr. Eremenko will visit GG in September to legalize his willing and sign contract with GG educational foundation.
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18 August, 2016
Heading: "GG summer school" - IV arrival
GG summer school's students started practical stage of TV-production.
Today, they have chosen themes for there reporting, will make shooting independently from tomorrow.
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18 August, 2016
Interviewing in GG

The purpose of Interviewing is to select participants for the informative tour abroad.
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09 October, 2015
The world’s largest lesson in GG school

The world’ largest lesson was given to students on 30-th of September by Engish teacher Elene Changelia and geography teacher Nana Jaburia. The aim of the lesson was to given information about the Global goals for sustainable development.
Teachers used different methods to make theme understandable for VII-th and VIII –th grade students.
Sdudents talked about global problems and about the way of solution. The students were actively involved in evrery activity. They realized what were the Global gols of United Nations. they matched the goals with the problems. The lesson was interesting.

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02 October, 2015
science picnic
GG school has participated in science picnic in Vaki’spark in Tbilisi organized by Ilia’s University and Tbilisi Municipality . The aim is to make science more interesting for different age people.
The experiments presented by GG students have got everybody’s attention. Students, teachers, lecturers of different universities famous scientists have been interested in GG exhibition.
The eight grade students have done experiments with the help of international expert, physician Mr. AlexandreGushchin , Professor Mr. David Songhulashvili and chemistry doctor Mrs. Mary Kvaraia.
You can see interview from Tbilisi on Monday at 8 p.m. on GG TV

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29 September, 2015
The first grade
The first grade students have been shown the school attractions to adapt new enviroment.
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25 September, 2015
The presentation  of the projects
The presentation of the teaching projects of 2015-2016 school year was held at GG Gymnasium. It was organized by the Project control centre. Many interesting and useful projects were discussed by GG teachers. The most interesting ones will be confirmed in a week

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14 September, 2015
Dmitry Gurtskaya - founder / owner of the GG
Dear Guests, Thank you for the interest you showed in Gurtskaya Gymnasium (GG) and our web page.
We realize it, how difficult it is to make vital decisions concerning the education of children for the parents. The quality of basic education, and education in general, could influence on the future life of family and on the fate of the child.
We are ready to offer the jobs for the teachers, where they will be able to realize their creativity, potential, innovative ideas and talents.
We hope, that our web page will help you to make the first acquaintance with the possibilities of GG, and you will be able to make an appropriate decision concerning future education for your children.