Alexander Ghurtskaia Appeal
Alexander Ghurtskaia Appeal
www.nrp.geMy Dear Children!
I am glad to welcome you in new world of modern education.
I hope, that in GG gymnasium’s walls we will create good relationship.
This unique space of modern education will give you the opportunity to get knowledge and personal qualities, which are essential for the formation of a strong personality.
Top professionalism of our teachers will create all the necessary conditions for your intellectual and spiritual growth – which will be useful for you during your beautiful lives.

I wish you good luck and success.
Yours forever,
03 September, 2013
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Dmitry Gurtskaya - founder / owner of the GG
Dear Guests, Thank you for the interest you showed in Gurtskaya Gymnasium (GG) and our web page.
We realize it, how difficult it is to make vital decisions concerning the education of children for the parents. The quality of basic education, and education in general, could influence on the future life of family and on the fate of the child.
We are ready to offer the jobs for the teachers, where they will be able to realize their creativity, potential, innovative ideas and talents.
We hope, that our web page will help you to make the first acquaintance with the possibilities of GG, and you will be able to make an appropriate decision concerning future education for your children.