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Life is Full of Surprises “Life is full of surprises!” – How many times have you heard or read these words? Quite often, I assume. And there are as many definitions of what surprise is as many people are there. As for me, those words became really meaningful in spring 2013 when I saw GURTSKAYA GYMNASIUM in Zugdidi for the first time. A real surprise! I would say even a miracle! Those people who know me in person will definitely be astonished while reading this because I rarely use words like these. But this is the case when the words really bear their true meaning and a 100% match the context. Yes, I cannot think of any other words rather than “surprise” and “miracle” to describe the school which has emerged” in the middle of nowhere”, as thousands of Georgian citizens tend to think of Zugdidi (a small town in the west part of Georgia). Yes, it is a real miracle due to the unique opportunities it offers to its students and to the teachers as well. A big chance and a huge challenge!
I must confess, I did not use to be a desperate optimist but after the miracle I have witnessed I am destined to become one!

Natia Kvaratskhelia
English Language teacher at GG

01 December, 2013
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