Lela Kvirtia-Georgian Language and literature
Lela Kvirtia-Georgian Language and literature
Born: 02.06 1982
1. Academic Information:
2009-2012 PHD Sukhumi State university
2004-2006 sukhumi State university
2002-2004 Javakhishvili state University-Teacher of Georgian language and literature
2. Working experience:
Since 2006 till present: Shartava University-lecturer
2009-2010-Editorial House “Inovation” Editor 2007-2008-Tbilisi secular University-lecturer
2004-2006 Tbilisi Economical Institute –Teacher
2003-2004-publishing house: MARJI , ZANI , EGRISI
3. Certified Programs:
2008-2009S-Shartava University - teaching Georgian Language in Piloting classes
2007-2008-Tbilisi Secular university-Theory of modern literature
2006-2007-Tbilisi Technical University-Methods of Teaching Georgian Language and Literature
4. Skills:
Languages: Russian-good, English- basic
Computer programmes: Ms.Office
24 April, 2013
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